Tools to Create Opt-In Forms and Landing Pages

Tools to Create Opt-In Forms and Landing Pages

A large, active email list is a very powerful tool for selling your books (or any product). By growing your email list and sharing content your subscribers want to consume, you can announce your new book on the date it is published and have substantial sales (and reviews) within the first week your book is published. You can repeat this with all your books if you grow and nurture your email list.

To grow your email list, you need the ability to collect your readers’ email addresses. You’ll do this by adding an opt-in form to your website and link it to your email marketing service (click here to see recommended email marketing services). For those unfamiliar with the term, an opt-in form is a simply a form visitors can fill out to join your email list. The most basic opt-in form with have a text box for them to enter their email address and a submit button.

Adding an opt-in form to your website is rarely enough to grow your email list with any speed. Why? Because your readers don’t want their inbox flooded with email. Therefore, you need to give them a reason to subscribe to your email list. I cover the topic of lead magnets in Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book. But once you’ve created your lead magnet, you need to offer it to your audience to encourage them to join your email list. That is where landing pages come in.

Landing Pages (Also Known as Squeeze Pages)

The whole point of a landing page is to make a web page as attractive to the visitor as possible to join your email list and to avoid any distractions that might prevent them from subscribing to your email list. There’s nothing magical about landing pages, but there are definitely effective and ineffective landing pages.

A landing page normally includes two things:
– the offer explaining the benefits of subscribing to your email list (which often includes the lead magnet)
– an opt-in form

Creating a Landing Page

The two most common choices for creating landing pages are to:
– use a landing page service provider
– create the landing pages within WordPress just like you create other pages in WordPress

Pros and Cons of Landing Page Service Providers

– Lots of page templates to use as it or customize
– They can host the landing pages for you (but that really isn’t necessary if you already have hosting for your website)
– Other functionality including A/B Testing, reporting, social media integration, and more

– Expensive monthly fees (usually anywhere from $25/month to hundreds of dollars per month)
– Often their extra functionality is only available with the higher priced plans

Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Landing Pages

– Save lots of money

– You don’t have dozens of templates to use or customize (but you can view the templates of some of the landing page service providers’ website to give you ideas to create your own landing pages AND there are some tools I’ll list below that make building landing pages within WordPress much easier)
– You don’t have some of the functionality the better plans provide (but some WordPress plugins and themes provide much of that functionality for free or small one-time payments)

Popular Landing Page Service Providers

The most popular landing page service providers are:



InstaBuilder 2.0

Create Your Own Landing Pages Easily

If you don’t want to pay expensive monthly fees for yet another tool for your website, an alternative it to purchase one of the WordPress plugins I list below that make it easier to build opt-in forms and landing pages.

Thrive Themes

Convert Plug

Also keep in mind that some email marketing services, like GetResponse, including landing page services with your email marketing plan.


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