10 Superb Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

strategies to improve customer satisfaction Robert Rose

10 Superb Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Discover the best strategies to improve customer satisfaction. Learn powerful techniques including how to connect when and where your customers need it and more in the interview below.

Our guest today on 30 Experts in 30 Days is Robert Rose.

Robert Rose

Robert is in the business of helping marketers become stellar storytellers. As a strategist, Robert is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute, and Senior Contributing Consultant for Digital Clarity Group. Robert helps develop content marketing and customer experience strategies for large companies helping them tell their story more effectively.

As an author, Robert’s new book Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing has been called a “treatise, a call to arms and a self-help guide” for “creating the experiences that consumers will fall in love with.” He co-hosts the podcast This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert’s book with Joe, Managing Content Marketing, is widely considered the “owner’s manual” of the content marketing process. As a storyteller, Robert is a frequent keynote speaker and web marketing expert, advising top professionals in the successful strategy of content marketing and customer experiences.

Check out my interview with Robert Rose to learn great strategies and tactics from Robert about:

  • Creating an Experience Infused with Our Brand Purpose
  • How to Grab Our Customers’ Attention
  • Connecting When and Where Our Customers Need It
  • Become Unifiers to Rise Above Marketing at the Cubicle Level
  • A New Marketing Framework
  • Connecting with Our Clients by Understanding Them
  • Creating Experiences with the Highest Impact
  • Great Examples of Creating Enabling and Empowering Experiences
  • Identify the Purpose of Your Content

In the interview, Robert shares great strategies to improve customer satisfaction. Below are some of the top tips.

Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction Infographic

strategies to improve customer satisfaction Robert Rose

Top Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Tip #1 – You need great products, but loyalty comes from delivering great experiences.

The products and services that we create are not where the loyalty lies. The loyalty lies in our ability to create a great experience at every single one of those touch points.

Tip #2 – Know your brand: your why, your promise.

It’s amazing to me how few companies really understand their brand. This is not just the logo or tagline. It’s about the promise we make to deliver value to our consumer. We need to know the why we’re in business to begin with. Know the value that we create for that consumer.

Tip #3 – Create content that delivers value separate from your product or service.

Our product or service solves a particular problem, or it solves a particular want for a customer. That’s great, but what value does our brand deliver? The content needs to deliver value separate or discreet from that product or service.

Tip #4 – To succeed, deliver high quality value to a focused niche when they need it.

Deliberately create something of high quality value to a very focused and niche audience and deliver it when they need it. That’s the real key of how to compete in today’s noisy market.

Tip #5 – Create a place for your audience to gather to.

Many will suggest going to where your audience is. I think that’s a flawed strategy. Audiences will gather, they will come to a place that you determine, that you orchestrate, if you can create the value there.

Tip #6 – Don’t be afraid to reuse your great content.

Look at the content you’re creating and don’t be afraid to reuse it. The whole SEO duplication thing is an overplayed meme. If it delivers value to your consumer, do not be afraid to use that content again.

Tip #7 – Start with the story first. Then choose the channels to share it.

Start thinking about the customer experience and the value we provide. It’s story first. Then we can choose the channels the story will fit on. We can reduce the amount of content we are creating and increase the repurposing and the quality of that content across multiple channels.

Tip #8 – Rather than sell, instead educate and entertain your customers.

Focus your marketing on educating and entertaining your customers, rather than selling them. I include entertainment because there’s true value in delivering an emotional response.

Tip #9 – We need to start by understanding our consumer as a person.

Once we start to understand the consumer as a person, we can truly start to understand what they need and where we might be able to fill that need. When we understand our customer at a personal level, there is so much more we can solve for them.

Tip #10 – Pick a few strategic points and be remarkable in them.

Don’t worry about the in-between parts. Just create an experience that’s so strong that the only thing that customer wants to do is have another one. They’ll find their way between the two major checkpoints, whether they go check out the competitors or do some more research. Don’t worry about filling that middle gap.

Watch the interview below.

To learn more about Robert Rose and strategies to improve customer satisfaction go to http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ and http://7theraofmarketing.com/.

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