How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book

Does the thought of promoting your book turn you into the world’s greatest procrastinator? Or are you disciplined in your book marketing efforts, but frustrated by the lack of sales from all that work? You’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a better way to attract readers without turning into a salesperson.

Your audience doesn’t want another email from you asking them to buy your book. But they do want to immerse themselves in a great story. In Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book, learn how to use your creativity to allow readers to further explore the characters, setting, and other aspects of your story to make them hungry for your books.

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You’ll learn dozens of Story Marketing ideas like:

    • Having one of your characters write an advice column answering your readers’ questions
    • Setting up a Twitter account for your character and tweeting as if you’re them
    • Sharing photos of the location where your story is set
    • Asking your readers to suggest which actors should play your characters once the book is made into a movie

Story Marketing is more enjoyable for your readers to consume. It’s more fun for you, the author, to create. It also helps you write better stories. If you’re tired of traditional book marketing and you’re ready to grow your audience, it’s time to try out Story Marketing.


>> Also included is a free gift: You’ll also receive the Story Marketing Reference that includes over 50 pages of helpful checklists, worksheets, guides, and tool recommendations to help an author learn how to sell more books in less time.

>> Gain access to the Story Marketing Hub where you can share your own Story Marketing ideas, learn about other authors’ Story Marketing ideas, and give and receive feedback.

>> One more bonus: Not only will you learn how to implement Story Marketing and discover fifty ways to implement Story Marketing, this book helps you put those ideas into action by showing you how to use technology to make Story Marketing quick and easy.

10 Ways Story Marketing Improves Book Marketing for Authors

#1 - Sell More

It teaches you how to sell more books

#2 - Have Fun

It goes beyond book marketing made easy by making the process fun for both you and the reader.

#3 - Overcome Procrastination

Because it’s fun, you’ll stop procrastinating and do it!

#4 - Your Readers Will Promote Your Books

Your audience will enjoy consuming your Story Marketing content. As a result, your readers will enthusiastically share your marketing content. They’ll become your free marketing force.

#5 - You Don't Have to Spend a Lot on Marketing

You’ll discover practical tips for marketing your book on a budget.

#6 - Tactics that Last

You won’t have to learn new book marketing 2016 tactics that soon become outdated. Story Marketing relies on the power of story, which never goes out of style.

#7 - I'll Walk You through the Steps

As a bonus, you’ll be guided through the technical steps you need to take to succeed.

#8 - Free Online Resources

Because technology changes over time, the book also includes links to free online resources that are regularly updated with instructions and recommendations for the best tools to save you time and money.

#9 - Inspiration for More Ideas

Not only does it share over fifty book marketing strategies on how to promote your book, it also gives you the inspiration to use your own creativity to come up with even more fun and effective book marketing ideas.

#10 - Online Group for More Ideas

It includes links to the Story Marketing online group where you and other authors, like yourself, can share great Story Marketing ideas and receive feedback.

A gem of a books

I found out about this gem of a marketing ebook from a free skillshare class. It has given me some great pointers to make the more boring aspects of book promotion fun. I love promoting others but hate promoting myself. I write for fun not money, but I would still like more readers.

– Amazon Reviewer

Goodbye Pushy Marketing, Hello Story Marketing!

I’ve been dreading marketing my books – I just don’t want to come across as a sleazy used-car (book?) saleswoman. Leah’s story marketing ideas got my brain whizzing – her suggestions seemed totally doable, even fun (I know, amazing, right?!).

– Amazon Reviewer

Very motivating!

As a writer with three novels and no current readers, I was excited to see what this book had to say. I think that the ideas presented are quite creative and I can’t wait to try them out. I especially like the fact that you can see how the author has used the concepts presented in developing her own web presence. I would recommend this book for anyone who is a writer and dreads the M[arketing] word.

– Amazon Reviewer

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Don’t wait to begin having fun marketing your fiction books.

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