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Does the thought of promoting your book turn you into the world’s greatest procrastinator? Or are you disciplined in your book marketing efforts, but frustrated by the lack of sales from all that work?

You’re not alone.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to attract readers without turning into a salesperson.

Your audience doesn’t want another email from you asking them to buy your book. But they do want to immerse themselves in a great story. In Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book, learn how to use your creativity to allow readers to further explore the characters, setting, and other aspects of your story to make them hungry for your books.

You’ll learn dozens of Story Marketing ideas like:

  • Having one of your characters write an advice column answering your readers’ questions
  • Setting up a Twitter account for your character and tweeting as if you’re them
  • Sharing photos of the location where your story is set
  • Asking your readers to suggest which actors should play your characters once the book is made into a movie

Story Marketing is more enjoyable for your readers to consume.

It's more fun for you, the author, to create.

It also helps you write better stories.

If you’re tired of traditional book marketing and you’re ready to grow your audience, it’s time to try out Story Marketing.

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Extra Resources

Story Marketing: How to Have Fun Marketing Your Fiction Book comes with access to over twenty resources including writing templates, checklists, step-by-step instructions, and recommendations for the best tools and services to help you succeed at Story Marketing. I've pulled together all of these resources into a single document.

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The Four Types of Story Marketing Ideas:

Story Marketing Categories

Your Characters

Readers keep coming back for more when they care about your characters. Help your readers know your characters intimately.

Your Story

Help you and your readers further explore the setting, theme, and other non-character aspects of your story.

You, the Author

Readers are often curious about the writing process and how the story came to be. Take them behind the scenes.

Your Readers

Connect and interact with your readers. Discover ways to do so, even if you're a self-declared introvert.

What's covered in Story Marketing?

Introduction to Story Marketing

Chapter 1 - Introduction

The Benefits of Story Marketing and Why You Need It

Story Marketing Ideas

Chapter 2 – The Four Types of Story Marketing Ideas

Your Characters, the Rest of Your Story, You and Your Writing Process, and Your Readers

Chapter 3 – About Your Characters

Allow Your Readers to Get to Know Your Characters Better

Chapter 4 – From Your Character’s Perspective

Put Your Characters to Work and Let Them Interact with Your Readers

Chapter 5 – Setting and Theme

Help Your Readers Have Fun Exploring the Story’s Setting and Theme

Chapter 6 – Related Material

They’ve Read the Story, but Their Experience Doesn’t Have to End

Chapter 7 – Book Highlights

Sharing the Best of the Best

Chapter 8 – You and Your Writing Process

Invite Your Readers to Visit behind the Scenes

Chapter 9 – Reader Feedback and Interaction

The More Your Readers Become Involved, the More They’ll Spread the Word about Your Books

Chapter 10 – Generating More Story Marketing Ideas

Coming up with More Story Marketing Ideas and Where to Check out Other Authors’ Ideas

How to Put Story Marketing into Action

Chapter 11 – Understanding the Essentials

The Essential Pieces You Need to Put Your Story Marketing into Action

Chapter 12 – Your Website

Why You Need a Website and How to Set It up Fast and Easy

Chapter 13 – Your Email List

Why You Need an Email List and How It Gives You the License to Print (Lots and Lots Of) Books

Chapter 14 – Social Media

How to Use It Effectively and Still Have Time to Write

Chapter 15 – Time to Get Started

Take the First Steps and Discover How Much Fun Story Marketing Can Be

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10 Ways Story Marketing Improves Book Marketing for Authors:

  • It teaches you how to sell more books.
  • It goes beyond book marketing made easy by making the process fun for both you and the reader.
  • Because it’s fun, you’ll stop procrastinating and do it!
  • Your audience will enjoy consuming your Story Marketing content. As a result, your readers will enthusiastically share your marketing content. They’ll become your free marketing force.
  • You’ll discover practical tips for marketing your book on a budget.
  • You won’t have to learn new book marketing 2016 tactics that soon become outdated. Story Marketing relies on the power of story, which never goes out of style.
  • As a bonus, you'll be guided through the technical steps you need to take to succeed.
  • Because technology changes over time, the book also includes links to over twenty free online resources that are regularly updated with instructions and recommendations for the best tools to save you time and money.
  • Not only does it share over fifty book marketing strategies on how to promote your book, it also gives you the inspiration to use your own creativity to come up with even more fun and effective book marketing ideas.
  • It includes links to the Story Marketing Online Hub where you and other authors, like yourself, can share great Story Marketing ideas and receive feedback.