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Send Business Thank You Notes

Love Your Customers Tip #3: Send Business Thank You Notes

Gratitude goes a long way in building strong relationships.

Traditionally, hand written cards were the way to express a sincere thank you. They’re still effective and they can set you apart because so few businesses still do them.

If you don’t have a physical mailing address, you can still write a handwritten note and then take a photo of the note or you with the note. There are lots of ways to get creative with this.

Write a message on a whiteboard or maybe an inflated balloon and take a photo of you beside it.

business thank you notes

If your business is about food, maybe write business thank you notes on a plate or use a dry erase on maybe a fridge or something else on the wall in the kitchen.

Maybe consider doing a thank you video. Either you can simply record yourself standing in front of the camera expressing your thanks or you could get extra creative and explore lots of different possibilities.

Memorable Business Thank You Notes

You likely don’t want to spend too much time on this, because you have lots of other things to do, but the more memorable and unusual your thank you message is, the more likely they are to share with others.

One of my favorite stories for customer service is a hotel that lets guests adopt a pet goldfish for the night. It doesn’t cost them a lot of money, but is really memorable and guest always go home and tell her friends about the hotel.

What unusual thing could you do that also reinforces your brand, that recipients would want to share with their friends and tell them about? Maybe you take photos of your pet dog dressed up and then share quotes with the thanks. Anything is possible.

Contest to Create Your Own Business Thank You Notes

What’s the most fun or creative business thank you notes you can come up with?

Why don’t you go ahead and do it? Share the message with whomever you want to thank. Then share it in the comments below the Facebook post I wrote on this subject. Visit my business Facebook page at

You can add photos of whatever it is you did. You can even share a video or just tell us about it.

I look forward to seeing all of your thank you messages.

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