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Power Revealed

After the death of his best friend and moving to a new school, fifteen-year-old Justin Wilder is sure his life couldn't get worse. That is, until he falls for someone else's girlfriend and discovers he can control the power of nature - most of the time.

Suddenly, people he never knew existed want to control him, fearing what he can do, or manipulate him for their own purposes.

When he learns that his best friend's death might not have been an accident, his search for the truth uncovers a deadly conspiracy. If he's going to catch his friend's killer and prevent many more lives from being lost, he must figure out who he can trust and gain control of his powers before he becomes the biggest danger of all.


Power Revealed Book


This was a very good book! I just wished it didn't come to an end. When the next one comes out I will be right there to purchase it! I'm not a young adult and I loved it!

K. A. Morgan

Power Revealed had me hooked from the beginning! I had intended to read a single chapter to get my mind focused before sleeping, the next thing I know it was 2:30 AM.

Karen W.

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