How to Exceed customer expectations

Learn How to Exceed Customer Expectations From 30 Experts in 30 Days

Learn from 30 industry experts how to exceed customer expectations, improve your customer retention rates, and grow your business.

I’m very excited to announce that the 30 Experts in 30 Days project kicks off tomorrow. It has already involved a lot of work to pull this event together (and it will likely require a decent amount of sleep deprivation between now and September 30th), but it’s worth all that effort to help entrepreneurs learn how to better attract and service their customers in order to improve their businesses and make a real difference in the world.

I believe entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to solve many of the world’s problems, but a large percentage of them struggle to make that difference simply because they are struggling to find and attract the clients they want to help and need to learn how to better retain their existing customers.

In order to help entrepreneurs, I will be interviewing industry experts in the field of customer service, customer experience, content marketing, social media, and more. Each day during the month of September, you will be able to learn valuable advice from an expert to help you learn how to exceed customer expectations and build a successful business.

If you want to learn how to attract legions of loyal customers, build a successful business, and make a difference in the world, watch the interview and view the summaries for all thirty experts.

Below is a list of all the experts and links to their interviews so you can learn how to exceed customer expectations and serve your customers better. The list of experts in organized in alphabetical order.

How to Exceed Customer Expectations – Interview List

Interviews 1 – 15

Annette Franz – 10 Proven Tips to Improve the Customer Journey

Bill Cates – 10 Powerful Customer Referral Tips to Grow Your Business

Chris Malone – 10 Ironclad Customer Retention Tactics

Christine Crandell – 10 Smart Tips on How to Understand Customer Needs and Expectations

Colin Shaw – 10 Reliable Methods to Improve the Client Experience

Colin Taylor – 10 Amazing Tips for Building Effective Customer Service Programs

Daniel Lemin – 10 Warnings Not to Miss to Use Feedback to Improve Customer Service

Drew McLellan – 10 Solid Methods to Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

Dustin Klein – 10 Unexpected Ways to Create a Client Experience Your Customers Will Never Forget

Ian Brodie – 10 Brilliant Tips and the Importance of Email Marketing

Jack Mitchell – 10 Excellent Ways to Hug Your Customers

Jeanne Bliss – 10 Tips to Create an Amazing Customer Experience Culture

Jeannie Walters – 10 Tips for Creating Customer Service Programs to Eclipse Your Competitors

Jill Griffin – 10 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing 101 – Top Tips from Joe Pulizzi

Interviews 16 – 30

John DiJulius – 10 Ironclad Methods for Providing Consistency in Customer Service

Joseph Michelli – 10 Underused Customer Experience Strategy Tips from Great Companies

Karen Post – Why Is Branding Important and 10 Tips to Improve Your Company Brand

Lee Cockerell – 10 Revolutionary Lessons to Use Feedback to Improve Customer Service

Les Harper – 10 Best Tips to Exceed Customer Expectations

Merlin Stone – 10 Tips to Confidently Deliver Customized Service to Your Clients

Michael Port – 10 Highly Effective Ways to Improve Customer Happiness

Mike Wittenstein – 10 Extraordinary Tips to Exceed Customer Satisfaction

Paul Laughlin – 10 Tremendous Tips on How to Identify Customers Needs and Expectations

Peter Lavers – 10 Reliable Ways to Deliver Consistency in Customer Service

Phil McKinney – 10 Epic Tips to Innovate and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Robert Rose – 10 Superb Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Shaun Smith – 10 Tremendous Tips to a Very Satisfied Customer

Shep Hyken – 10 Remarkable Tactics on How to Exceed Customer Expectations

Stan Phelps – 10 Proven Tips on What Makes a Great Customer Experience

Please share the news of the event with other entrepreneurs you know who are looking to attract more customers and make their business more successful. This event was created to help them.

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