Customer Satisfaction – Understanding Your Customer


Customer Satisfaction – Understanding Your Customer

Customer satisfaction is best achieved by first understanding your customer. Companies that provide customer satisfaction, or even better customer enthusiasm, benefit from greater profits, happier employees, and greater purpose.

Below are some great tips from top experts about the value of customer satisfaction and how your business can achieve greater customer satisfaction through understanding your customer better.

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Customer Satisfaction Quotes

“In many cases, customers aren’t even quite sure what it is they want, or what it is they need. So, from that stand point, the successful businesses are those that truly understand the unspoken needs and those unspoken wants of the customers. Really understanding what the customers’ problems are or where there’s an opportunity for a new product or service to help them.”
– Phil McKinney (Author of Beyond The Obvious and award winning innovator)

“To truly understand the customer, you have to understand the hidden parts of the experience. All too often, organizations look at customer experience from a superficial high level. They don’t look into the detail of what’s happening underneath that.”
– Colin Shaw (Customer Experience Thought Leader, CEO of Beyond Philosphy, Bestselling Author)

“If you really understand how your customers live their lives, & their challenges, & their hassles, & their desires, then you can innovate for them with insight. As opposed to simply making core products, then trying to sell them.”
– Shaun Smith (Author, speaker and founder of Smith+Co)

“Where insight can help, is help the business understand its customers better than its competition. You are better at acquiring the right customers. Customers for whom you are a good fit and it can be a profitable long term relationship. You are better at retaining those customers. You are better at giving them the right experience so that they choose to stay. It’s always exactly what do we give them and targeting the right people to do that too, at the right time.”
– Paul Laughlin (Customer Insight Consultant, Speaker, and Writer)

Understanding Your Customer Quotes

“The key thing there is to first sit down and understand them as people. It truly is going, meeting with them, understanding, sitting with them. Talk not about your product. Just understanding them as people. What do they actually need in their daily life? Once we start to understand that consumer as a person, we can truly start to understand what they need and where we might be able to fill that need.”
– Robert Rose (Content Marketing Strategist, Author & Speaker)

“One of the early gates that I’m a big believer in is what I call customer validation. You may think it’s a good idea. Go out and talk to your customers. Go out and talk to your potential target customers and get some kind of validation that the idea has some merit.”
– Phil McKinney (Author of Beyond The Obvious and award winning innovator)

“If you use customer insight to be treating your customers fairly and really understanding them, you understand your customers better than your competition. You can make money out of that.”
– Paul Laughlin (Customer Insight Consultant, Speaker, and Writer)

“The second building block in the foundation is understanding why people buy what you’re selling. I have people put that building block into place because if you have that building block in place, then you can talk about what you do, any which way till Sunday in three seconds, thirty seconds, three minutes, three hours, three weeks, it doesn’t matter. But you’ll never need an elevator speech. If you feel that you need a script in order to talk about what you do, you don’t yet know what you do.”
– Michael Port (NYT bestselling author of 6 books including Book Yourself Solid & Steal the Show)

Identify Customers Needs and Expectations

“In very simple terms, it’s about finding the true need. Finding what is ailing them, what is frustrating them, what is keeping them from allowing them to be content, either as a customer or as a business that we serve.”
– Les Harper (Serial Entrepreneur, Community Leader)

“The more you can understand about your clients, the more you can write about stuff they care about. The more you can offer them stuff you know is going to hit the spot for them.”
– Ian Brodie (Blogger, author of Email Persuasion, ever-hopeful Newcastle United fan)

Customer Satisfaction Action Step – Understanding Your Customer Better Today

Surveying customer satisfaction is definitely helpful, but people don’t always say what they think and feel. Because of this, it’s also important to observe your customers whenever possible while they’re searching for, purchasing, and using your products or services. Watch how they behave, how they interact with others, how they respond to your products and information, and what they say not just to you but to others.

List five to ten ways you can observe your customers’ behavior to gather feedback about the customer experience and have they are responding to it. Pick two to three items from your list and within the next two weeks go out and do them. Pay attention to what your customers do, how they respond to different things, and their body language to increase your understanding of your customers. Record what you observe. Review your observations and identify at least one thing you can change to improve their customer experience and increase their customer satisfaction. Put that change into action within the next month.

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