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Story Marketing Tip 40 – Share Experiences You Have While Researching Your Story

Story Marketing Tip #40: Write about Experiences You Have While Researching Your Story

Story Marketing exists in many forms. Have you ever had experiences that triggered a story you wrote? If so, your readers would enjoy hearing the story behind the story.

What happened to you and how did it lead to your story? Maybe you had experiences that provided the ideas you needed for a particular scene or event within a story. Reveal them to your readers as part of your Story Marketing to promote your books.

While doing research to gather the knowledge you needed for your story, did you have any interesting experiences? If so, tell those stories. A crime author may spend a day riding with policemen. If your main character’s favorite hobby is painting, take a painting class and tell your readers about it. Take a photo of your no-so-beautiful piece of art and post it online. Be willing to embarrass yourself just a little. It will help endear you to your readers.

One of my favorite stories I have from doing book research happened when I was working on Power Revealed. I was considering having the antagonist sabotage a nuclear power plant. But for the scene to work, I needed a nuclear power plant that had very specific environmental conditions. I found one in New York State, and interestingly enough, the next month I needed to train a client in the area whose office was only thirty minutes away from this particular nuclear power plant.

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Justin Wilder’s Favorite Element

Justin Wilder’s Favorite Element

Justin, what’s your favorite element?

That’s a hard choice. Each element is great in different ways. At first I thought the tree element was weak, but Anya’s training has shown me many of the incredible things I can do with Tree energy. But if I could access only one element, I think I’d have to choose Wind energy.

There is so much you can do with the Wind element. You can also influence the other elements with Wind energy. For example, Wind energy creates hurricanes that then causes flooding. Even though wind has less substance than the other three elements, with enough force tornadoes tear apart nearly everything in their paths.

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Fire Flames

Fire Tornadoes (Firenadoes or Fire Whirls)

Fire Tornadoes (Firenadoes or Fire Whirls)

As you may have guessed, one of the reasons I began writing The Elementers book series is because I love nature and spending time in it. While much of nature is beautiful and peaceful, other aspects of nature are powerful and terrifying. Despite their destructive impact, their massive power also makes them awe-inspiring.

A great example of the terrible power of nature is a fire tornado (also called a firenado or a fire whirl). If you’ve never heard of firenadoes, then you’re in for a treat. As the name suggests, they combine the fury and power of fire and tornadoes.

Below are links to some examples of fire tornadoes.

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