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Fire Tornadoes (Firenadoes or Fire Whirls)

Fire Tornadoes (Firenadoes or Fire Whirls)

Fire tornadoes are incredible beasts of nature’s power. Haven’t  heard of them? Combine the fury of a fire storm and the power of a tornado and you get fire tornadoes, also often called firenadoes or fire whirls.

As you may have guessed, one of the reasons I began writing The Elementers book series is because I love nature and spending time in it. While much of nature is beautiful and peaceful, other aspects of nature are powerful and terrifying. Despite their destructive impact, their massive power also makes them awe-inspiring.

A great example of the terrible power of nature are fire tornadoes. If you’ve never heard of fire whirls, then you’re in for a treat.

Below are links to some fire tornadoes video clips to help you see and feel the size, force, and heat of fire whirls.

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