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4 Reasons to focus on narrow target audience

4 Reasons to Focus on a Narrow Target Audience

4 Reasons to Focus on a Narrow Target Audience

Discover how narrowing in on your target audience can improve your marketing today.

Before I show you how I want to ask you a question. Have you ever been with a group of friends and all of you are ready go out to eat, but nobody can decide where to go?

From my experience, we usually try to narrow it down by deciding on a type of cuisine, whether it be Mexican, Chinese, or maybe Italian. By narrowing in on our choice, it makes choosing a restaurant much easier.

The same goes for trying to market our customers.

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Get more clients now find and convert customers

Get More Clients Now – Free Webinar to Help You Find and Convert More Customers

Need to Get More Clients Now?

If you’re struggling and need help to get more clients now, I invite you to join my FREE webinar to learn the 5 Steps to Find and Convert Ideal Customers.

What You’ll Discover on this FREE Live Webinar

  • How to consistently attract $100, $1,000, and $10,000+ clients that you enjoy working with.
  • ​​Why 90% of your marketing efforts are a waste of your time and money (and how to fix that immediately).
  • How to connect with your IDEAL customers so that they become hungry for everything you have to offer.

Click here to reserve a spot on the webinar to help you get more clients now.

An Extra Gift for Registering

To help you start improving your business immediately, after registering I’ll send you a set of worksheets to help you take the next steps in converting more ideal customers.

During the webinar I’ll provide powerful knowledge, but even the most valuable knowledge has limited impact if you don’t take action. I recommend completing the worksheets prior the webinar to help you gain the greatest benefit from the presentation.


The webinar will be live and I will be there to answer any questions you have about how to get more clients now.

If you have any questions before the webinar, you can email me at I’m here to help you get more clients now.




Customer Satisfaction – Understanding Your Customer

Customer Satisfaction – Understanding Your Customer

Customer satisfaction is best achieved by first understanding your customer. Companies that provide customer satisfaction, or even better customer enthusiasm, benefit from greater profits, happier employees, and greater purpose.

Below are some great tips from top experts about the value of customer satisfaction and how your business can achieve greater customer satisfaction through understanding your customer better.

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Gather Customer Feedback to Know Your Customer Better

Gather Customer Feedback to Know Your Customer Better

A great way to know your customer better is to gather customer feedback by listening to your customers. There are many benefits to gathering customer feedback including the following.

  • You learn what they need, when they need it, and at what point in the journey they need it.
  • You don’t have to be a great marketing and sales copywriter. Gather customer feedback. Learn what they say are their problems, pains, obstacles, fears, and dreams. Then you can write and speak messages you know will connect with your customers by simply repeating their words back to them. No guess work is involved.
  • You discover what your customers like, and don’t like, about your business. Then you can identify problems that may be turning customers away. With that knowledge you can make changes to improve your ability to serve them better.
  • The better you understand your customers, the better you can write emails that will interest and resonate with your customers.

Below are some great tips from top experts about the value of gathering customer feedback to know your customer and tips on how to know your customer better by listening to your customer.

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Know Your Customers - Walk in Their Shoes

Know Your Customer – Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

Know Your Customer

A great way to know your customer better is to walk in their shoes. There are many benefits to walking in your customer’s shoes including you:

  • Uncover possible problems with your products,
  • Uncover problems with your sales or service processes,
  • Find ways to engage with your customers better,
  • Identify what is working well and emphasize and build upon that,
  • Develop greater empathy for your customers, and
  • Find out why you may be losing prospects and customers.

Below are some great tips from top experts about the value of getting to know you customer and tips on how to know your customer better by walking in your customer’s shoes.

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Identify Your Target Market

Who is Your Target Market?

Did you answer that your target market is “everyone”, “women”, or some other large group? I understand if you did.

We all want to grow our business and help as many customers as possible. But trying to start your business by focusing on a large target market is one of the surest paths to slow growth and eventual failure. You may be thinking if you want lots of customers you need to have a large target group, but to grow big, you need to start by focusing small. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you read or listen to the advice below from five experts I interviewed as part of the 30 Experts in 30 Days project, you’ll begin to discover the power of a narrow target market and understanding your ideal customer.

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use feedback to improve customer service Daniel Lemin

10 Warnings Not to Miss to Use Feedback to Improve Customer Service

10 Warnings Not to Miss to Use Feedback to Improve Customer Service

Businesses that don’t use feedback to improve customer service will struggle to survive. Learn the mistakes to avoid with customer ratings, reviews, and other feedback.

Our guest today on 30 Experts in 30 Days is Daniel Lemin.

Daniel Lemin

Daniel Lemin is a respected authority on the reputation industry. An early Google hire, Lemin was one of the first pioneers to realize the importance, impact, and power of online ratings and reviews on small businesses and the ongoing struggle business owners have with their online reputations. Lemin is an acknowledged expert on digital marketing, public relations, and reputation management and is a consultant for prominent Fortune 500 companies, including Nestlé USA, Procter & Gamble, Hilton Hotels, Sony, Suzuki Motors, Munchkin, and Best Buy. Lemin is also a senior strategist with the consulting firm Convince & Convert, a regular contributor to the Convince & Convert marketing blog, rated the number-one content-marketing blog in the world, and a frequent speaker at industry events and trade shows.

Check out my interview with Daniel Lemin to discover helpful strategies and approaches from Daniel about:

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customer service programs Jeannie Walters

10 Tips for Creating Customer Service Programs to Eclipse Your Competitors

10 Tips for Creating Customer Service Programs to Eclipse Your Competitors

Learn valuable tips for creating customer service programs to help you attract and retain your ideal customers. Discover the power of micro-interactions.

Our guest today on 30 Experts in 30 Days is Jeannie Walters.

Jeannie Walters

Jeannie Walters is the Chief Customer Experience Investigator™ and founder of 360Connext, a Chicago-based consulting firm specializing in the cornerstones of customer experience: customer engagement, employee engagement and connections like social media. 360Connext serves mid-market companies and larger by helping them evaluate their true customer experience. The evaluations always lead to improvements which then lead to results like increased online conversions or loyalty.

Jeannie started her career consulting to some of the most prestigious institutions in education, the arts, and healthcare to help them launch or improve their fundraising efforts. She later joined Vox, a customer experience consulting firm, and became President and partner by the time she left 12 years later, when she founded 360Connext. Jeannie has worked with a wide range and size of organizations serving countless entrepreneurs. She has also received many awards for her business contributions and leadership.

Check out my interview with Jeannie Walters to learn valuable advice and tips from Jeannie about:

  • How to Investigate and Understand the Customer’s Experience
  • Preparing for Your Customer’s Worst Day with Your Company
  • Overcoming the Challenges to Understanding Your Customer’s Journey
  • Why a Great Product or Service Isn’t Enough
  • Setting Expectations
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement in Your Customer Experience
  • Strategies for Improving Employee Engagement
  • How Micro Interactions Lead to Major Engagement
  • Ways to Really Connect With Our Customers Online
  • The Necessity of Having Conversations with Your Customers

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customer experience culture Jeanne Bliss

10 Tips to Create an Amazing Customer Experience Culture

10 Tips to Create an Amazing Customer Experience Culture

Learn how to create a strong customer experience culture using the five leadership competencies, killing the stupid rule, and other techniques.

Our guest today on 30 Experts in 30 Days is Jeanne Bliss.

Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss pioneered the role of the Chief Customer Officer, holding the first ever CCO role for over 20 years at Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker and Allstate Corporations. Reporting to each company’s CEO, she moved the customer to the strategic agenda, creating transformational changes to each brands’ customer experience. She has driven achievement of 95 percent loyalty rates, improving customer experiences across 50,000-person organizations. She is now the President of CustomerBliss, where she guides the C-Suite and Chief Customer Officers around the world on earning business growth by improving customers’ lives. Her clients include: AAA, Johnson & Johnson, Brooks Brothers, Bombardier Aerospace, and Kaiser Permanente. She is a sought after speaker and thought-leader, the author of three best-selling books, and co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Check out my interview with Jeanne Bliss to learn excellent strategies from Jeanne on:

  • The Five Leadership Competencies
  • Delivering a Complete Customer Experience, Not Your Organization Chart
  • How to Use Customer Rooms
  • Asking and Listening to Your Customers
  • Uniting the C-Suite
  • Duct Taping All Those Splinter Projects Into a One Company Solution
  • Motivate the Behavior You Want
  • Kill the Stupid Rule
  • Elevating Customers as Assets
  • Seeing the Customer Journey from the Customer’s Perspective
  • Implementing a One-Company Listening System
  • Using a Revenue Erosion Early Warning System
  • Making Customer Experience Development As Important As Product Development

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how to identify customers needs and expectations Paul Laughlin

10 Tremendous Tips on How to Identify Customers Needs and Expectations

10 Tremendous Tips on How to Identify Customers Needs and Expectations

Learn how to identify customers needs and expectations and how customer insight is essential to a profitable business.

Our guest today on 30 Experts in 30 Days is Paul Laughlin.

Paul Laughlin

Paul helps businesses maximize sustainable value from their customer insight. He has over 12 years of experience creating & improving customer insight teams and 25 years of experience deriving value from data & analytics. Former Head of Customer Insights for both Lloyds Banking Group Insurance and Scottish Widows, he has led teams to add substantial profits through improvements to customer acquisition, experience & retention.

He now enables businesses to maximize the value they can drive, from using data, analytics & research, to intelligently interact with their customers. Paul works with customer insight & marketing leaders, to help them maximize the value created by their teams. He also provides qualified executive coaching to ensure leaders can then sustain this delivery themselves.

Check out my interview with Paul Laughlin to learn helpful approaches and methods from Paul on:

  • Understanding Customer Insight
  • How Customer Insight Helps Businesses
  • Common Customer Insight Mistakes to Avoid
  • The 9-Step Model for Customer Insight Analysis
  • Using Socratic Questioning to Uncover the Real Needs
  • Putting Analysis into Action
  • Using Customer Insight to Mitigate Conduct Risk
  • The Soft Skills Needed for Customer Insight Success
  • Developing the Soft Skills You Need
  • Practical Strategies for Fostering a Good Employee Experience
  • Recommendations for Better Empowering Your Employees
  • Understand and Serve Other People’s Needs and Then They’ll be More Likely to Support You

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