Who I Serve

I help small business entrepreneurs more effectively identify, understand, and serve their target audience so they no longer have to chase after clients, and instead are able to focus on serving their ideal customers.

Through group and custom training courses and personalized coaching services, I help entrepreneurs who are experts in their field but struggle to grow their business because they're not experts in marketing.

How I Help Entrepreneurs

I guide you through my proven process to narrow in on your target audience and gain a deep understanding of your customers' problems, obstacles, and goals. You don't do this through some internal brainstorming session. Instead, I show you how, and provide the support you need, to uncover this information from the only reliable source: your customers.

By gaining a deep understanding of your ideal customers, the results from the time and money you spend on your website, advertising, social media, and other digital and print marketing efforts will increase multi-fold.

A Little Bit about Me

I grew up in the-place-of-too-much-snow (also known as Canada). In my early teens, I decided I wanted to live all over the world and not simply because I needed to warm up.

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Leah M Berry Sea Plane

In college, I considered studying International Development because I wanted to help individuals make a better life for themselves. As I began studying in the field, too often I saw organizations from wealthy countries show up and deliver solutions with little to no input from those they were supposedly serving. Such efforts were rarely effective long term. Because of this issue, I chose a different path and instead worked in the corporate world. I'd save enough money to afford to volunteer for short periods with those organizations I respected.

I'm happy to see many humanitarian organizations starting to ask questions and listen to those they aim to serve. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs are struggling because they're not asking questions and listening to those they aim to serve.

Stop assuming you know what your customers want and need. Instead, put forth the effort to understand your ideal customers.

I take great pleasure helping entrepreneurs step outside their comfort zones and begin conversing with and listening to their IDEAL customers. Why do I enjoy it?

Because I've seen how it completely transforms their ability to make a massive impact in the lives of their clients.‚Äč Not only does it improve the products and services they offer. But it gives them what seems to be a magical ability to read their customers' minds.

When customers see that you understand their problems, obstacles, and goals, they naturally assume you also know how to help them solve their problem and reach their goal. Thankfully, by combining your newfound understanding of your customers with your expertise, you can create products and services that do just that.

Entrepreneurs Are Essential

I believe entrepreneurs can play an integral role in helping solve people's (and the world's) problems. Entrepreneurs are by their nature problem solvers. 

You can have a powerfully positive impact on the world with your business IF you first learn how to understand your customers so you can serve them better.

I'm Here for You

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, want to discuss ideas, or tell me about you and your business, please email me at leah@leahmberry.com, reach out to me via social media (see the links at the bottom of the page), or fill out the contact form on my website's 'Contact' page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Leah M Berry