4 Reasons to focus on narrow target audience

4 Reasons to Focus on a Narrow Target Audience

Discover how narrowing in on your target audience can improve your marketing today.

Before I show you how I want to ask you a question. Have you ever been with a group of friends and all of you are ready go out to eat, but nobody can decide where to go?

From my experience, we usually try to narrow it down by deciding on a type of cuisine, whether it be Mexican, Chinese, or maybe Italian. By narrowing in on our choice, it makes choosing a restaurant much easier.

The same goes for trying to market our customers.

Reason #1 – We Can Create a Marketing Message That Resonates with Our Target Audience

One of the biggest reasons we need to narrow in our target audience is because we need to find a group of people who share the same big problem, the same obstacles in overcoming that problem, and the same goal. This helps us create a solution that is exactly what they need.

It’s also essential for creating our marketing message. If our target audience shares the same big problem, obstacles, and goal, and we know what those are, we can craft a marketing message that deeply resonates with them.

They’ll respond enthusiastically to every little thing that we talk about. We’ll hear things like:

“Yes, that’s my problem. I need that solved.”

“Yes, that frustrates me so very much!”

“Yeah, that’s what holds me back.”

But if we’re trying to serve a wide group of people, it’s unlikely our message will resonate with all of them. In fact, in our effort to satisfy this wider audience, we’ll find ourselves sharing a message that includes a little to satisfy all of them, and as a result, the message doesn’t resonate deeply with any of them.

We need to tighten up our audience, really understand them, and then create a marketing message, and a solution, that is focused on their needs, their wants, and their frustrations.

Reason #2 – Our Marketing is More Time and Cost Effective

The second reason we need to narrow in on our target audience is because we need to make our marketing more time and cost effective.

When we try to market to groups where our target audience only makes up maybe 20% of that group, it becomes very inefficient to try to attract more customers. But by focusing in on a narrow target audience and finding groups where they make up the majority of that audience, it becomes much more time and cost effective to reach those people and really connect with them.

You also end up being able to get those groups to talk about you and your product with each other. They end up sharing a lot of word-of-mouth among their groups, which definitely helps grow your business and reach more people.

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4 Reasons to focus on narrow target audience

Reason #3 – We Can Attract and Serve the 20% That Result in 80% of Our Profits and Results

The third reason we need to tighten up our target audience is the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. One of the best examples I’ve heard of this is when I interviewed Jill Griffin, the author of Customer Loyalty. She shared a story about how she would go to her clients and ask them to list all of their clients for the past year and the income they earned from each of them. Then she had them order the list according to how much income each client generated for the company. Next, she asked them to identify how many clients made up 80% of the income the company earned that year. What most of these companies discovered is that 80% of their income came from only 10 to 20% or less of their clients.

When were trying to grow our business and be successful, we need to focus on those customers that are going to be the most profitable for us and those we can deliver the best value.

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Reason #4 – It’s the Fastest Path to Success

Related to that is the fourth reason. If we focus on our ideal customers, on the most profitable 10 to 20% who we can best serve, it will be our fastest path to success. When we’re trying to grow a business, we need to get income and success quickly. The best way to do that is to focus on our most ideal customers.

Serve them well. Understand them well. Communicate the message that resonates with them.

When we do that, we will be successful. We’ll be able to serve more people and build a profitable business.

I look forward to hearing how you’re putting this into practice in your business. I encourage you to share your feedback, your questions, and your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s take our next step on the path to success.

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