10 Powerful Customer Referral Tips to Grow Your Business

customer referral infographic bill cates tips

10 Powerful Customer Referral Tips to Grow Your Business

Customer referrals are key to growing a profitable business. Learn 10 powerful customer referral tips to grow your business.

Our guest today on 30 Experts in 30 Days is Bill Cates.

Bill’s international expertise has been established through his three books, as well as hundreds of presentations throughout the world. He is the president of Referral Coach International and the creator of The Referral Advantage Program®. Bill’s Referral Advantage Program® has been featured in many major publications and his own business success has been featured in Money Magazine. Thousands of financial professionals are using Bill’s Referral System to build their practices with quality referrals.

Bill provides high energy and high content seminars, workshops, and keynotes teaching professionals how to increase referrals and build relationships with their clients to grow their business.

Check out my interview with Bill Cates to discover excellent customer referral tactics and wisdom from Bill about:

  • Moving From Satisfied Customers to Engaged Customers
  • Make Referrals About Serving Others, Not Yourself
  • Understanding our Customers’ Expectations
  • Turning Mistakes from Customer Breaking into Custom Building Opportunities
  • Why You Want Your Customers to Complain
  • Planting Referral Seeds
  • Making Asking For Referrals Easier
  • What to do Once You Get that Referral Name
  • Building Your Reputation

In the interview, Bill shares great tips on how to build a successful business. Below are the top tips to get you started.

Customer Referral Infographic

customer referral infographic bill cates tips

Customer Referral Tips

Tip #1 – Exponential growth comes from serving well and leveraging that service.

The mistaken belief is that if we just serve the heck out our clients, they will refer us to others. That’s a half truth. We do have to serve them well, but to create exponential growth, we need to think in terms of leverage.

Tip #2 – Don’t ignore the prospect experience.

The Customer experience is important, but we shouldn’t ignore the prospect experience. The prospect experience comes first and if we do it right, they’ll not just become a customer, they’ll become one that makes you referable more quickly. The goal isn’t just to make the sale. It’s to bring them on in such a way that the engagement happens quickly. So, from the minute we meet someone we’re trying to create this sense of engagement.

Tip #3 – Engaged clients provide the most referrals, not satisfied clients.

Clients become engaged and refer when they are engaged in our value, what we have done for them; and when they’re engaged with us as an individual too, they like us. Think about it, if they see our value but don’t really care for us that much, they’re not going to introduce us to others, right? If they like us but don’t really see our value, they’re probably not going to introduce us neither. It has to be both, that sense of engagement.

Tip #4 – Pay attention for value recognizing statements and leverage them.

Our customers say things like: “This is really helpful”, “You helped me get clear on this”, or “We’re thrilled about what you’ve done for us”. When we hear these value recognizing statements, we can say, “Great, please don’t keep me a secret out there,” or “I appreciate that. I’m glad I got a happy customer. We’re never too busy to see if we can be a resource for other people you care about.”

Tip #5 – Don’t underestimate the power of our personal ‘why’.

An authentic value proposition is essential to creating engagement. That’s how people connect with our value. They connect with our ‘why’. Why we do what we do, in a client- or customer-centered way, not just because we think we can make money and we enjoy the work.

Tip #6 – Every business should have an onboarding process.

Don’t think you’re done with the customer once you’ve made the sale. The initial customer experience in every business should have an onboarding process where we onboard them. There could be questionnaires involved, teaching, tools you send to them, webinars, and more.

Tip #7 – Make and keep your client service promise.

A customer service promise is a plan we have in place that dictates how often and for what reason we’ll be in touch with those people. There’s two main elements to a customer service promise. One is: how do we keep bringing value? The second is: how do we engage with our people ongoing to build that sense of business friendship where they care about us and we care about them?

Tip #8 – Get clarity on expectations from the start.

We can ask, “If we were to meet three years from today, how will you know we’ve been successful? What is your measure of our success working together?” They sometimes are unclear about their expectations. We want to help them gain clarity. This helps us reach their expectations. In addition, when you help them think a little further, a little deeper into the issue, then they start to see the negative impact and we create a situation where we become more of a desired commodity for them.

Tip #9 – Give your clients permission to complain.

Do regular value discussions or check-ins. When we don’t check in, we’re not picking up the little complaints, the little things that may not be working well. Those little things can fester into bigger problems. Don’t forget, the first best possible thing that anybody can say when there is a complaint is, ‘I’m sorry’.

Tip #10 – Problems are opportunities to create stronger relationships.

A relationship that’s had a problem and has been handled well, is a stronger relationship than one that’s never had a problem. Show them that you don’t resist problems, but that you’re comfortable handling problems.

Watch the interview below.

To learn more about customer referrals and Bill Cates, go to his website at http://www.referralcoach.com/.

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