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I participated in Leah Berry’s 6 week course Find and Convert Your Ideal Customers and it transformed the way I look at my business. I learned how to profile my ideal customers, where to find them, how reach them, and what to say to them. Leah’s step-by-step guidance and presentation materials have become a valuable resource in my marketing approach, giving me a more focused approach on reaching my ideal target audience.

Marilyn Rapp
Rapp Graphics Design & Advertising
Robert Arnot The Video Wizard

I just finished an excellent online training course with Leah Berry as the instructor. Not only is Leah an exceptional entrepreneur with great marketing skills, she is able to teach what she knows to others in a way that actually works. I have taken a lot of online courses and many are a real challenge to follow or finish. Leah’s ability to connect with people in a video conference class setting and create real engagement reflects her wonderfully authentic personality and wisdom. I learned a lot, got great results, and would definitely take the next class Leah offers.

Click here to view Robert Arnot's and Nancy Walsh's video testimonial of Leah's training course.

Leah's course, Find and Convert Your Ideal Clients, has given me tools to reach people that I want to share my services with and how to offer them something of value. Leah is warm, knowledgeable and generous.

Charlotte Nuessle